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story originally written for Ladygunn. read the full story here.   Ever want something you thought you’d never have? I have, more times than I can count. In April of last year I was opening for Louise Goffin at the Union County Performing Arts Center in Rahway, New Jersey.  I’ve played some nice rooms over the […]
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There’s a joke in the music business that goes something like this: Q: How do you make 1 million dollars in music? A: Start with 2 million. I hate that joke. Early on in my career, it was easy to avoid talking about money, because money was so seldom involved. I played for drink tickets, […]
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For the first time in six months, I felt at ease I was alone on my mother’s balcony. It was 72 degrees, a bright April afternoon in South Texas. The yard below me full and lush, with orange and purple bougambias roped around the columns that led up to her bedroom window. I’d just finished […]
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This Wednesday night I’ll take the stage at Joe's Pub at The Public with my six wonderful bandmates. We’re celebrating the release of my third record, but it means so much more to me. It’s one more chance for me to do something that scares me.
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I really, really needed to be in bed an hour ago. I've been promising to make a *BIG* announcement for weeks, and now seems like a damn good time to do it.
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I brushed off getting sober for a long time because I didn't look like my idea of the "typical" alcoholic. Other people's stories helped me to identify I had a problem, get past my shame and get help. So I'm sharing mine now.
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For some people, getting shit done comes naturally. For others (me), there are post-its.
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How I went from sounding like a babbling idiot to writing one of my most popular songs.
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So, I have this "friend"....
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This is uncomfortable.